Game Creators – Foodlympics

What is Game Creators – Foodlympics?

Get Ready! Get Set! GO! It’s an athletic hurdling game. Yummy!!!! Nom nom nom…


What is Runners?


Animating Britten

What is Animating Britten?

In 2013 the Britten-Pears Foundation has developed a partnership with the British Council to create a unique international project for young people around the world that celebrates the life and work of Britten through a newly created animated film illustrating Britten’s seminal piece The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.


Adventure Playground Digital Media

What is Adventure Playground Digital Media?

Every Tuesday we’ll create at the Digital Media Project Group of The German School some inspiring work and have fun using digital tools.


The Hackney Pirates’ The Quest

What is The Hackney Pirates’ The Quest?

Are The Hackney Pirates creating a video game? Yes! So, stay tuned.


One KX – Young ladies Game

What is One KX – Young ladies Game?

First game design workshop with girls of the afternoon group of the charity One KX. The workshop follows a simple structure with the final output being a mini flash video game. In six session young ladies will learn a lot …


Game Creators – The Lost World

What is Game Creators – The Lost World?

We created a playful digital and interactive worlds and learned how to use them responsible and creatively. Starting with what a game is, to the history of games we’ll also have a look at the different types of games for children that are out there. We look behind the scenes and how games are developed in the digital game industry.



What is Seasons?

Seasons brings all the information you need to you to make the right decisions when choosing your food during shopping or at the restaurant. Live greener with buying local and seasonal products.

Sheep's Journey

Sheep’s Journey

What is Sheep’s Journey?

A Sheep’s Journey is a workshop for children. It’s here for them to learn the language of design and how to harness their incredibly hard working imaginations.


Snoozy Wolves

What is Snoozy Wolves?

The project Snoozy Wolves for children between six and eight years is about making nice short animation films using the claymation technique. Also we draw backgrounds, craft colourful objects, learn how to use cameras, animation software, computers and lights and do sound recording.