Session 2 – Game Ideas and Stories

Today we had time think about our game, the story and gameplay in more detail. Before we started getting creative we watched some trailer of different games and discussed game mechanics, types, designs and stories behind them.

We talked about the main characters, game play, goals, game mechanics, level design and then already started sketching our ‘heroes’ and ‘heroines’ for our new game!

“It was fun because we heard each others ideas and were joking around. Also it was fun because we were drawing pictures.” – Raisa

“This session was fun and I learnt more about creating games and I understood more about different games” – Shubna

Fahima’s main character is the well known and popular Britney Spears running through Los Angels to meet Justin Bieber on the hills at runset. Only her fans going crazy and are obstacles she has to jump over.

Shubna was drawing her character Claire living in magic China Town. A bunch of men want to catch her and she has to be very fast and jump over all the crazy boys to accomplish the end and win the game.

Tasnia was developing very fast her main character Mr. Wobby. In a jungle world he has to avoid to a girl, an enemy which isn’t yet created but we’re looking forward to it as Mr. Wobby (see above) looks already very cool and is ready to get animated.

Raisa made a great sketch of her city level. A young boy will jump over skyscrapers hunted by creature waiting to eat him up on the roof tops of a big city.

Heres’ a overview for the girls to see what’s needed to be done and created for our game. The example game and story is that the main character The Sheep wants to meet his friends on the other side of the fields. Only a wolf behind bushes snapping after it can keep it from meeting its herd of sheep.

The split-up of background, foreground, main and enemy character and different behaviours of The Sheep explains how step by step and layer by layer we will prepare and create our bits and bobs for the animations which we need later for the game.

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