One KX – Young ladies Game

First game design workshop with girls of the afternoon group of the charity One KX. The workshop follows a simple structure with the final output being a mini flash video game. In six session young ladies will learn a lot about the production process of a game and which conceptual and design steps are required.
We learn how to design a game, which conceptional steps are needed, how to create a story for a game, animate our characters, design the levels and how MaKey MaKey can be our consoles.

For the idea and visual identity of the game the young people will come up with a subject to a given game mechanism. The story of the game will take place in a world where main characters have to jump over obstacles/onto save platforms and e.g. don’t fall/tread into water, free space, bombs, fragile crystal balls, dog poo, …

Follow the workshop progress over at the blog.

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