Adventure Playground Digital Media

Every Tuesday we’ll create at the Digital Media Project Group of The German School some inspiring work and have fun using digital tools.
Follow the workshop progress over at the blog.

We live in a digital century with fast emerging new technologies and this club we have the time and curiosity to explore these possibilities in new technology to learn media literacy skills.

We’ll be creating short animation films and funny mini games using the same techniques used by professionals in animation film, sound design or video game development studios. This year is going to be great!

Do you want to know how to make an animated music video? You have a new funny idea for a mini video game? Or you want to draw, craft and animate characters in colourful worlds? Look no further – Digital Media Project Group is here for you!

In addition to the creative work we’ll be looking at how to use and work with digital cameras, camcorders, lights, sound, computer software as well as iPads and mobile phones to create digital products like Foodlympics or The Lost World of Fruits and Batteries we made last school year.

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