Snoozy Wolves

The project Snoozy Wolves for children between six and eight years is about making nice short animation films using the claymation technique. Also we draw backgrounds, craft colourful objects, learn how to use cameras, animation software, computers and lights and do sound recording.

Follow the workshop progress over at the blog.

Getting creative and developing stories for our animation films two good friends are helping us to develop great stories. Our friends the little wolves having a night walk through the dark forest and they just love it!
Only sometimes they try to imagine how all would look like in sunlight. How differently would the woods look? What creatures could they meet?

They never will discover that as when the sun is beginning to rise they always fall asleep tired from their adventures in the night. But they dream! They dream a lot and they dream of the daylight life.

This is exactly where our workshop sessions start and the children are brainstorming and find ideas of sweet stories of events taking place during the day. The question is always simple …what could the two little wolves dream of?

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